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To put it short I'm no AMV and in general not even an anime fan. But I am an absolute Noir Fan.

Therefor I was searching for a possible sequel to the original episodes when I stumbled over some AMV's. Something I hadn't known to exist. In the end I found the whole idea so interesting and challenging that I tried to make my own Video. You can download the result at the bottom of this page.

info about the Video :

The majority of the Noir-AMV's are dealing with the outer or action-side of Noir, which is certainly impressive. But for me it was always the inner or emotional side that really touched my heart. Insofar I tried to describe with my video the emotional development between Kirika and Mireille. Because this development is so slow and the two are so shy and insecure about each other I took the scenes from the last episodes where the pace of the interaction increases dramatically. So the whole video is a spoiler. Because of that and the lack of action, which would be more or less self explanatory, it surely helps to have seen the whole series to understand what happens on the screen. Of course one cannot leave out the tragic character of Chloe when dealing with the relationship between Kirika and Mireille.

Astonishingly it was very difficult to find an appropriate song that fits to this kind of relationships that Noir incorporates. Many slow songs just were too quiet and to "soft" for the more dark character of the story. On the other hand many dark songs simple had no happy-end (I decided for myself to take the two shots at the end of ep.26 as symbolic). Similar problems occurred with love songs that concentrated in their text to much on the man-woman relation (i.e. Nothing compares to You, Sinead O'Connor, that was also on my list)

In the end only a few candidates where left and i decided to take "I'm going home" from the Rocky-Horror-Picture Show, which was also the shortest (2:55). The theme of the song : Solitude-Isolation-hope to return ( to home, but also to a beloved person) seems to fit perfectly. The melody is wonderful, the voice of Tim Curry just breathtaking.

The shortness was an argument,too. Being my first AMV, I didn't want to make it too long, especially because I had no experience with the programs involved (Premiere, After Effects, SoundForge). But this argument should soon turn against me.

Without much of a plan I began the work and found myself at timecode 2:30 and having just told 2/3 of my story. Although I decided to shorten it by leaving out the end scenes with Altena (the emotional relationships between Kirika, Mireille and Chloe has been cleared with the tragic death of Chloe) I had to shorten the sequences that I had used to press them into the given time.

The outcome was a total catastrophe. In my inexperience I had presumed that cutting slow scenes to a slow melody would lead to a fitting result. In my first version it looked like :

-cut-Kirika and Mireille looking at each other and slowly wal-cut- Kirika looks out of the win-cut- Mireille read a lett-cut- and so on. Before one had time to orient himself in the scene, although having near to nothing action and movement, the next cut came and in the end the whole thing looked hectic and totally across with the slow rhythm of the song.

Because I didn't want to shorten the story any further, my only option was to lengthen the song. Having a developing story in it I couldn't do that by looping it somehow. So I had to decide for a quite strong time-stretch, prolonging the song from 3 to 4 minutes. Although the program did a good job the sound quality is noticeably diminished at least in some parts. I'm sorry for that.

Moreover a already slow song has become even slower. The result is no longer realistic. Even Tim Curry wouldn't sing this song so slooooooow. But if you don't remember the original version too good, this variation could be still acceptable.

But now enough from the lame excuses of a newbie. Have a look (and a ear) on the outcome. I would appreciate it very much, if you'd tell me what you think (or especially feel) about it, so leave a remark at the comments page).

the lyrics (ignore my crude translation):

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: On the day I went away

Chorus: Goodbye

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Was all I had to say

Chorus: Now I

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: I want to come again and stay

Chorus: Oh my

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Smile, and that will mean I may
'Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize I'm going home

Chorus: I'm going home

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Everywhere, it's been the same

Chorus: Feeling

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Like I'm outside in the rain

Chorus: Wheeling

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Free to try and find a game

Chorus: Dealing

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Cards for sorrow
Cards for pain
'Cause I've seen blue skies
Through the tears in my eyes
And I realize I'm going home

Chorus: I'm going home
I'm going home
I'm going home

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Am Tag als ich fortging war

Chorus: auf Wiedersehen

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: alles was ich sagen konnte.

Chorus: Nun will ich

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: zurückkommen und bleiben.

Chorus: Oh my

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Lächle, das würde heißen : ich darf.
Weil ich den blauen Himmel gesehen habe,
d urch die Tränenschleier vor meinen Augen.
Und ich begreife jetzt ; ich kehre heim.

Chorus: Ich kehre heim.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Überall war es das selbe

Chorus: Gefühl.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Als wäre ich draußen im Regen

Chorus: umherirrend.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Frei zu versuchen Spaß zu haben.

Chorus: Dabei austeilend

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Karten der Trauer
Karten des Schmerzes.
Weil ich den blauen Himmel gesehen habe,
durch die Tränenschleier vor meinen Augen.
Und ich begreife jetzt ; ich kehre heim.

Chorus: ich kehre heim
ich kehre heim
ich kehre heim

All critics seem to agree that the video itself is quite o.k., but the time-stretching of the song hardly tolerable. So I made a shorter (3:30) Version where the effect is hardly noticeable. Since August 2007 the video exists in the resolution of the Series in much better Video quality.
Enjoy :

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Although I wanted to avoid proprietary code or plugins on this site, I have made a inline-preview of the videos via the flash-format. Now there is a small player window beside the bigger pictures (using the Flash Player), which is capable of displaying files in the flv-format (the player is just 3kb tiny,so it is loaded nearly instantly, but of course, the files themselves are about 1-2MB big, so it may take some time to load).
Because not installed, or not correctly working plug-ins can lead to a lot of hassle, up to a total "hang" of the browser, I put the flash videos into I-frames, that are only loaded after a click on the respective link. If that link leads to any kind of trouble, just use the ordinary download links instead, when you visit next time.
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To all non-windows, non-IE, Opera or FF Users : I have no idea what will work for you and what not. Sorry for every trouble this site causes you. Suggestions or errors can be mailed to me or posted on the comments page.

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