Welcome to this little fansite.

What can you expect to find here? First, what you won't find is a description of the 26 episodes and the story in general. There are many good sites about that. Of course i will refer often to many aspects of the story, so be aware about that, if you haven't seen it yet.

The probably most important entry here is about the end of Noir. It was the reason for me to make this site. The end had really shocked me and made me surf the web for weeks to find a explanation. Especially one that i could live with.
During these weeks i stumbled over AMV's and fanfictions. Two aspects of modern culture that i wasn't aware of beforehand. The AMVs (Anime Music Videos) have interested me so much, that i finally made one myself.

Also I want to give a little insight about what made Noir so special for me, what fascinated me. In this entry you will find pictures, videos and sound, all in all about 20MB (5x4MB), so be patient, if your connection is not too fast.

With this said, all entries on the left side are explained. The forum ist closed due to spam-bots and because there were only a few posts during the last months.
But you can leave questions, comments, suggestions etc. directly on this site.

I hope you enjoy this site.

Last update 28 Jul 09 : In the AMV section I had to take out the information about the number of dowloads each video had, because divshare no longer publishes it. Sorry.

Last update 16 May 08 : Wow. Finally the first comments have arrived. Thank you. That instantly motivated me to introduce a new Noir AMV "Noir in Paris" from cyberia. It is really unique.

Last update 06 Jan 08 : I added some web 2.0 funcionality in the AMV sections. New is also the category comments that leads to some shoutboxes where you can leave your comments directly at the site here.

Last update 04 Oct 07 : Although the links section is mostly about german sites, some english links were there too.
One fine essay about Mireilles and Kirikas relationship has had vanished from the web, unfortunately. But I was able to retrieve it from an web-archive. So juri is back online on this site here.

Last update 22 Aug 07 : My AMV is now online in the full resolution (720x480). The Video quality has improved noticably.

Last update 12 Aug 07 : The AMVs I wrote a opinion about are now downloadable in their original full size

Last update 29 Mar 07 : Wiki has now a snapshot option

Last update 01 Jan 07 : Noir-Forum Wiki is online

Last update 11 Dec 06 : Noir AMV