Using google all the time seems to make link-lists a little bit outdated.

But nevertheless some links to good german Noir-Sites :

Probably the best german Noir (and more) site :

If you like to read, you will find many good stories in fanfiction, or here shoujoai

I can't say how good the english translation of Noir is, but the german leaves some doubt on the amount of effort and time being put into it.
There is nearly no personal and private talk between the main characters in Noir. If in addition the translation of the few sentences that deal with emotions and feelings is not too correct, there is much room for interpretation and guesswork.
One essay, that explores these aspects is juri another (mirrored here also, before it gets lost, too) Fighters of Destiny.

A nice review and some interessting technical details DVD Review

Another good german site :
Noir Infos zu CDs DVDs uvm.